The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite combines Iwatsu Voice Networks’ core technologies into one seamless communications platform. Specifically, the Iwatsu Enterprise-CS provides the voice communications switching fabric and is the foundation of the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite. Iwatsu Unified Communications is a powerful enabling technology that unifies all aspects of the Iwatsu communication experience regardless of location or device. Finally, the Enterprise Reporting and Contact Center Reporting applications provides measurement metrics to ensure all communication operates optimally.

From the user’s perspective, the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite delivers four powerful Business Extensions: Call Processing, Messaging, Presence and Mobility. Brochures: Enterprise Suite and Enterprise TOL v7

Call Processing

The Iwatsu Enterprise Communications Server, or ECS, is the switching core of the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite. It provides a flexible switching platform–allowing for an all IP or converged configuration supporting SIP, local or hosted VoIP, UC and TDM integration. The Iwatsu Enterprise-CS enables the Iwatsu Icon Series telephones and delivers advanced features such as Iwatsu ticker display and text web. From the user’s standpoint, the ECS provides the backbone on which feature-rich Iwatsu Unified Communications rides.


Iwatsu Enterprise Suite UC Messaging, in its simplest form, is the delivery of several different types of messages to a common message store or service. The most common example is the delivery of voice messages and faxes to a user’s email inbox. Users then have the flexibility to access these messages using the most convenient device available to them given their location. Be it a desktop PC, Internet web browser, or any telephone, all messages and communications are accessible anytime, any where. Using the text-to-speech engine, email messages are read back to users over any telephone. Faxes are delivered to the email inbox as a graphic file and are easily viewed from a variety of devices. Of course, voice messages are accessed and easily managed from the phone or PC. Overall, UC Messaging works to extend a user’s reach by allowing access to business critical messages from anywhere.


Today, the workforce is more mobile than ever before. Moreover, the mobile workforce uses many different devices to access their communications, namely: the desktop or notebook PC, the desk phone, the mobile phone and of course, traditional land line telephones. Yet, the mobile workforce must have a fast, efficient method of accessing their communications.

The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite UC platform meets this challenge by enabling message management for any device, including the traditional business telephones or mobile phones. Users may dial in to the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite UC and have emails read back to them, access their voicemails and most importantly, fully manage these messages. For example, with Iwatsu Enterprise Suite UC it is possible to reply to voicemail and email messages alike with a voice message. Of course, any web-enabled PC or smartphone can access the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite-extending the reach of message management to anywhere with wireless access.


The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite function is to deliver communication in the user-defined, most appropriate method. It does this via user-defined presence-based call routing that employs scheduling and call filtering technology that integrates with Microsoft Outlook calendars, Google Calendar and others as well. The user simply manages their presence such as work hours, availability and call metrics. The Iwatsu Enterprise Suite does the rest.

Stepped away from the desk for a moment? Not problem; the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite UC can automatically deliver the call to your mobile phone, rather than put the caller in voicemail. In an important meeting but anxiously awaiting a fax? Not an issue; the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite UC delivers the fax to your email inbox. Any smart phone displays the fax on the mobile device.  With presence management, the options for extending a user’s accessibility are endless.

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