100% Materials, Labor, and Software
Priced per port monthly. Contact us for more details

Complete coverage of all outages, including equipment and labor. Covers lightning and power issues (lightning protection and battery back-up required). Guaranteed 2-hour response time including after hours and weekends.

Labor and Software
Priced per port monthly. contact us for more details

The customer can purchase extra parts as a crash kit. Includes installation of lightning protection and battery backup. Minnesota Telephone will contract to physically respond to outages. Guaranteed 2-hour response time after hours and weekends.

Priced per port monthly. Contact us for more details

Remote software support service caters to the self-maintaining customer who is staffed for most types of situations, but may not require dial-in support for staff or equipment during situations that are beyond routine. Customer equipment sparing is accommodated in the form of on site or MTI-managed crash kit. This allows immediate equipment sparing and service restoration with an overnight replacement or depleted stock. Removal of system archiving is also available to allow remote system upload. If a problem cannot be solved remotely, Minnesota Telephone will dispatch a tech at time and material rates.

No Maintenance Contract
For an emergency or service issue, a tech will be dispatched to solve a problem, no matter how small.Customers with any emergency issue (i.e. power surge) that have a signed maintenance agreement on file with Minnesota Telephone will have service priority.

Tech Support will be charged a minimum fee of one-half hour of labor, not including any materials and software.

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