Voice and Data Structured Cabling

Minnesota Telephone Networks provides Minnesota’s best cabling solutions, helping your organization make sure that your network and telephone cabling infrastructure meets all the required standards.

Expertise It is easy to underestimate the expertise needed when getting your data cabling infrastructure in place. In order to maintain optimum network speeds, cable needs to be pulled properly. If the cable is stressed, if it is poorly fastened above the ceiling, or improperly connected at the ends, speeds can suffer. The wrong type of cable or hanging cables improperly can leave you in violation of building and safety codes. Don’t risk substandard installations, instead rely on our expertise to make sure your cabling is done properly and up to code.

Voice Cabling Whether your phone system utilizes traditional voice cabling or operates over your network, we make sure the signal to your telephones is the best it can be.

Category 5 and Cat 5e Data Cabling For years the reliable standard has been Cat 5 or the newer Category 5e computer network cabling. Our trained professionals ensure that the cabling is up to standard and surpasses the requirements for your computer network to function properly

Category 6 and Fiber Optic Cabling Organizations today need to transmit even more data at even faster speeds. The newer Category 6 specifications or fiber optic cabling may be required to ensure the highest quality data transmission.

ICC Rack
Minnesota Telephone Networks is a licensed Technology Systems Contractor – License# TS000414

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ICC Current Catalog – pdf

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